Cold, Cough, Flu: Ginger Recipes to Solve Common Sickness: Get Well!


Sooner or later, it will be a time for common sickness again. Although cold, cough, and flu are common regardless of age and gender, you should prepare well enough on how you can cope with such illnesses. Pharmaceutical options can be of help, but you might try first the natural remedies because of …

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Your Taste Buds Are About To Scream With Happiness With This Chicken Parmesan Garlic Bread


Chicken Parmesan Garlic Bread Ingredients 1 chicken breast, boneless & skinless 2 cups flour 4 eggs, beaten 2 cups seasoned breadcrumbs 1 cup oil, for frying 1 large baguette 10-12 mozzarella slices Marinara sauce Garlic Butter ⅓ cup melted butter 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 tablespoon parsley, chopped 1 tablespoon …

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Only 2 Ingredients And The Pores On Your Face Will Disappear Forever!


Who doesn’t have large pores? It’s not just a bane of those with oily skin, even with an oily T-zone, you could be prone to it. Sometimes these crater-like pores gather dust and grime and make the skin on your face look uneven and lack luster. No matter how hard …

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10 Tips, Secrets, Magic Remedies & All-Natural Shortcuts For Perfect Skin


Having  perfect skin can seem like an unlikely dream for those of us who have battled skin conditions over the years. Don’t surrender yet though! In the six years I’ve been an esthetician, I’ve helped people with all skin types deal with tons of skin issues, and I’ve learned quite …

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7 Fresh and Healthy Vegetable Pizza Recipes


Pizza reinvented When we crave pizza, we don’t want lean versions of fat-laden standards. We want new, healthy takes with big, bold flavors.   “Whether pizza is a diet buster or a nourishing meal depends on how it’s prepared,” says Health Contributing Nutrition Editor Cynthia Sass, RD. “Pizzas made with …

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