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Aerated Foods


Aerated foods and drinks such as bread and other baked products, beer, sparkling wines, fizzy drinks, ice cream, whipped cream, meringues, chocolate, Swiss cheese, puffed rice, and popcorn offer novel and luxurious textures and represent the height of culinary and technological skill. A diverse range of air contents and aerated structures are achievable from aeration processes …

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Dietary Assessment


When assessing an adolescent’s diet, it is important to ask specific questions. There are several dietary assessment strategies, among which the 24 h recall is the commonly used clinically. The 24 h recall involves asking the teenager very specifically about what they ate and drank over the past day including portion sizes. Depending on the …

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Adolescent Nutrition


Adolescence is a time of major physical change. Girls gain an average of 12.5 pounds per year and boys gain an average of 20 pounds per year during puberty. Although both gain weight during adolescence, males have a decrease in body fat percentage to an average of 12% during this time, while females experience an …

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Natural Acids and Acidulants


 Background Acids, or acidulants as they are also called, are commonly used in food processing as flavor intensifiers, preservatives, buffers, meat-curing agents, viscosity modifiers, and leavening agents. This article discusses the functions that acidulants have in food systems and reviews the more commonly used food acidulants.  Functions of Acidulants The reasons for using acidulants …

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Acidophilus Milk


 Introduction Milk is a good source of several key nutrients such as proteins (casein and whey proteins), fat, sugar (lactose), vitamins, and minerals, thus having a range of biological activities that influence digestion, growth, and metabolic response to absorbed nutrient. Digestion of milk may also result in the formation of many substances with specific biological …

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